Think You Know Custom?  Think Again.

Unlock The Secrets of the Step-by-Step Process Of Building YOUR Ultimate Custom Board

I was frothing to get my fully custom board from Savage Panda Snowboards and the board is awesome and performs perfectly in the POW in Japan!" 

Robbie McEwen
Tour de France Winner

Surfers and Cyclists have had custom made boards and bikes for years.  Now it's SNOWBOARDERS turn . . . a PERSONALLY SHAPED SNOWBOARD designed and hand crafted just for YOU. . . it might just be the best snowboard you've ever owned.

Designing YOUR perfect snowboard should be about YOU, not some limited selection of basic 'tick-a-box' variables.

In the 'INSIDE YOUR PERFECT SNOWBOARD' download you'll discover:

  •  Why surfers & cyslists have had it sussed for years and how snowboarders have been missing out.
  • ​Why YOUR board should be an extension of YOU and how your riding can be compromised when it's not
  • How translating YOUR instinct directly into the snow will make you a better rider.
  •  Why YOU, YOUR ride and making the most of the mountains you love should be at the heart of your board.
  • How YOUR board will come to life - step by step, hand crafted by a master craftsman.
  •  What Olympic coaches, International Snowboard coaches and former international SBX competitors say about the importance of a board build just for YOU.
  • The secret behind YOUR BOARD, YOUR WAY, YOUR DNA and how it will improve YOUR time on the mountain

Hey, I'm Simon Thorne.

I'm a co-founder of Savage Panda ... but more importantly, I'm the guy who can help you design your perfect snowboard and give you the best ride of your life ... ride after ride after ride.

All of your preferences, style, ability, passion and love of snowboarding is unlocked in our double-helix custom design matrix, and this means we get to know you as a snowboarder better than you know yourself.  With all of your information, insights and desires unlocked, we then build you a board that truly reflects who you are as a snowboarder, one that rides like a dream, one that is an extension of your DNA.

This short and beautifully laid out 'Inside Your Perfect Snowboard' download will bring you up to speed on YOUR perfect snowboard and how it comes to life...

We look forward to discussing your snowboarding dreams with you soon.

 See How YOUR Perfect Snowboard Come To Life, Step-By-Step!

It's what snowboarders say that matters most ...

Because we have our own style, it makes sense to have a board made to suit that.

Gary Taylor, Snowboarder, Surfer, Skater
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I will never be stuck on a board that pigeon holes my style. My board will perform when and how I want it to.

Travis Harrison, Former SBX Champion
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The connection you have with your snowboard is pretty special, so to have one customised to suit you only enhances this special connection.

Aly Lamb, Mountain Adventurer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Your Board. Your Way. Your DNA

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