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How Do We Break The Rules?

Breaking ALL the Rules of so-called 'custom' to give YOU your PERFECT snowboard.

Most snowboard companies have to make boards to fit the ‘average joe’ – they’re simply not set up to make one to perfectly suit each and every snowboarder – so they do the best they can for the ‘masses’. 

But you're not part of the ‘masses’ and you are definitely no ‘average joe’.

Going WAY past asking about length, width, camber and artwork that the industry has come to know as 'custom'... YOUR perfect snowboard is personally designed and shaped by Master Craftsmen using our unique “Double Helix” design matrix.  We actively get inside your DNA as a snowboarder and understand all your nuances and skills, your aspirations and challenges, your style and terrain preference. . . everything that reflects YOU as an individual rider.  Your board is hand crafted each and every step of the way - with YOU at the centre of the process.

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Whilst golf, cycling, tennis and surfing have all embraced the need to understand their participants and give them an experience that is tailored to their skill and aspirations, the snowboard industry has, until now, still served up ‘off the rack’ solutions which constrain, limit and restrict.

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In Summary:

  • ​The process begins with a comprehensive online questionnaire to get to know YOU and how you ride.
  • This is followed by an intensive design consultation with our head designer to further flesh out what you want and need from your fully customised board.
  • There are no ‘off the rack’/production boards at Savage Panda
  • We build snowboards and only snowboards, totally customised for YOU
  • We don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ production – each board is designed for each customer. End of story.
  • Your core is designed just for you – this forms the unique ‘brain’ of your board.
  • If required, you will have a full graphics consultation to determine the artwork and ‘look’ of your board (or if you’re not feeling creative, we have a suite of graphics from which you can choose).
  • The materials used to make your board are the best available and sourced from Austria, Canada, Japan, the US and Australia.
  • The people who make your board, own the company – so yeah, we really do care that your board is the best possible fit for YOU.
  • AND. . . we have an international team with over 200 years of snowboarding experience (designing, making, competing, coaching) who are all invested in delivering YOU a board that truly extends your DNA.
  • We are so confident you will absolutely love your fully customised board, all our boards are backed by our unique, industry leading guarantee.

Your Fully Hand Crafted Extension of Your DNA PLUS Your Exclusive Savage Panda Rider Merchandise Pack

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