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The Savage Panda Story

Perhaps the Genesis of Savage Panda Snowboards can be best summed up by Shaun White’s words:

Some people attach snowboards to their feet. Very few attach them to their souls.”

Shaun White 

The Savage Panda ethos is born out of a desire to create something that is not only ‘attached’ to people’s souls, but something that feels like a true extension of their very DNA ... something that breaks the rules and challenges the existing status quo.

As mountain people and Snowboarders , it is their love for the mountains and the experience of snowboarding that led them to start Savage Panda Snowboards. Our backgrounds cover areas of business management, public relations, marketing, brand management, aviation and engineering, but none of that is why you’ll engage with us.

We started Savage Panda Snowboards because we believe snowboarders deserve something more than the industry offers at the moment.

Whilst golf and cycling and tennis and surfing have all embraced the need to understand their participants and give them an experience that is tailored to their skill and aspirations, the snowboard industry has, until now, still served up ‘off the rack’ solutions which constrain and limit and restrict.

Our aim is to build truly bespoke custom snowboards that are an extension of each riders’ DNA.

To achieve this, we have brought together a team of experts from around the globe to form the Savage Panda team. Snowboard designers and builders, professional athletes, coaches, production managers, artists and designers, marketers and advisers.

Our philosophy is simple, if we want to build the best possible snowboard, we need the best people ... and these people are Savage Panda “Rulebreakers”

Who are the Rulebreakers?

The Rulebreakers are a team of snowboarding nuts: they are snowboard designers and builders, athletes, coaches, and artists who bring a combined 200 years of snowboarding experience to the Savage Panda team. They have dedicated their life to snowboarding in one form or another; some do it just simply for the love, some coach, some compete on the global stage, some work full time in the snowboard industry and some are just mad enthusiasts.

What the “Rule Breakers” bring to the Savage Panda Crew is a diversity of knowledge and understanding of snowboard design and construction that means every Savage Panda individually designed and built snowboard is simply the best that it can be.

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Our aim is to deliver every Savage Panda Snowboarder, a unique and personalised service in seeking to intimately understand their desires and motivations as a snowboarder, and then create and build a snowboard that hits that sweet spot.

You might be wondering, ‘how can they compete with the big names?’ ... and the reality is, we don’t want to.

Each player has their place. Our place is to provide a genuine alternative to ‘off the rack’, and create custom boards that extend each rider’s DNA and gives them a board they can ride WITH, not just on ... and who knows ... it may just get ‘attached to their soul’.

Enjoy your ride,

Simon and Kate

Take the exciting first steps toward your unique board.