Surfers Have Had It For Decades,
Now Snowboarders Can Too!
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Are you a serious Snowboarder who can't find your PERFECT snowboard?

YOU are Different, YOUR body is Different, how YOU ride is Different, and now YOUR board can be Different too!

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Like your snowboard, but don’t love it. . .
Maybe you’re on the wrong one!

When choosing a snowboard, most people head to their local snowboard shop. The sales people TRY to understand what you need, the confusion has already hit you….rack on rack of board after board. . . how do you tell them apart. . . . which one really IS best for you. . . .?

We get it – it really can be overwhelming, So, most people pick a board that looks cool, is roughly the right length and hope it works for them. And that’s ok – that’s what most people like you do, and it’s totally understandable.

But when you hit the slopes on your new board, you feel that disappointment, because it’s just not what you expected it to be and you think wow, I paid all this money for this board and I just don’t feel it?

That’s because most snowboard companies have to make boards to fit the ‘average joe’ – they’re simply not set up to make one to perfectly suit each and every snowboarder – so they do the best they can for the ‘masses’. But you're not part of the ‘masses’ and you are definitely no ‘average joe’.

So, you figure maybe you should do what surfers have done for decades and get a snowboard custom designed for you. . . that should fix it?

So having decided a ‘custom’ board is possibly the way to go, you head to a few sites who ask about height, weight, foot size and overall ability, then, almost instantly you get a set of specs that are supposedly ‘custom’ to you or you can choose from their production range. . . aaaahhhhh…. How is THAT custom??

AND on top of all that there’s a range of ‘extra fees’ for high quality base material and choosing your own artwork. . . it’s total BS., and doesn’t solve the problem of getting a board that REALLY reflects you as a snowboarder.

To be honest, we think snowboarders deserve better! You deserve a thoroughly unique board that’s personally designed to suit you, your personality AND your riding style

At Savage Panda Snowboards, we follow in the footsteps of the great surfboard shapers and apply it to snowboards, and we REALLY get to know YOU! Each and every board is personally designed and created by a master craftsman to meet YOUR needs, built from the best available materials and delivering the highest standards of performance.

Let’s look at the difference between the so-called ‘custom’ guys and Savage Panda Snowboards.

The Others only ask about things like:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Footsize
  • Camber​

Savage Panda asks about things like

  • Ability
  • Riding Style
  • Switch
  • Natural or Goofy
  • Where you ride
  • Terrain preferences
  • Future trips
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Why you snowboard
  • When you ride
  • Edge grip
  • Manoeuverability
  • As well as asking about your height, weight and footsize​

There’s also some other secret questions we ask that really unlock WHO you are as a snowboarder so we can make the BEST board just for YOU. No two boards are EVER alike.

You also get at least TWO personalised design consultations for both your board AND its artwork so that the board we design and hand craft for you is a TOTAL reflection of you and what you want to be and love about being a snowboarder.

And the difference is HUGE.