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Your Board Is Personally Hand Shaped FOR You and WITH You By Master Craftsmen To Meet Your Unique Needs So You Can Ride How You Want!

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your board. your way. your dna.

extend your dna

Finally Snowboarders can have what Surfers have enjoyed for decades. . .  a board uniquely shaped and designed just for YOU!

You, and every other snowboarder who loves the mountain, deserves a snowboard that is designed, crafted and custom built just for you, your style, your body and your talent.

A board you can ride WITH, not just on ... a board that extends your DNA and becomes part of your SOUL.


Everyone is looking for their own progress and achievement. Your competence forms the basis of our design process with you.


Your Savage Panda Snowboard will be unique and customized to meet your exact needs. Starting with you and find the true extension of your DNA.


Snowboarding speaks to each of us in different ways. The way you love to ride informs the choices we make when designing your unique board.

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Why Go Custom?

What is an "off-the-rack" snowboard, really?

Why are we drawn to our boards?

A bit about us

the Savage Panda story

Perhaps the Genesis of Savage Panda Snowboards can be best summed up
by Shaun White’s words:

“Some people attach snowboards to their feet. Very few attach them to their souls.”

The Savage Panda ethos is born out of a desire to create something that is not only ‘attached’ to people’s souls, but something that feels like a true extension of their very DNA.
Something that breaks the rules and challenges the existing status quo.

We started Savage Panda Snowboards because we believe snowboarders deserve something more than the industry offers at the moment.

the rule breakers

what they have to say about custom built snowboards

"Because we have our own style, it makes sense to have a board made to suit that."

Gary Talyor

"The connection you have with your board is pretty special, so to have one customised to suit you only enhances this connection"


"Teaming with Savage Panda is allowing me to be my own snowboarder."

Travis harrsion

"I believe it's key to have a board you can be stoked with, and not just a board to get you down the hill"

kane hoosen


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