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The Rule Breakers


The Rulebreakers are first and foremost snowboarders who have taken their love of snowboarding to a new level each in their own very different way, and in doing so simply choose to break the rules. Some are athletes, some coaches, some backcountry legends and they've all joined us on the Savage Panda Snowboards journey to help make each and every Savage Panda snowboard as unique as its owner.

Gary Taylor

snowboarder, surfer, skater 

"Because we have our own style, it makes sense to have a board made to suit that."

Mark Cowley


"Snowboarding is my religion, the mountains are my church and my snowboard is my bible. My board has to reflect my core values and only by designing my own board can it really be a true extension of me."

Lu Prem

Head coach, Australian Paralympic Team 

"I don’t want to have to adapt my riding to make a board do what I want.

A customized board will allow you to translate your “instinct" directly into the snow. It will do exactly what you want to, when you want to do it. This way you can really tap into the next level of your riding."

Steph Prem

5 time Australian Champion & Pilates ‘It’ Girl'

"As a former high performance athlete I believe in all the 1%ers that improve your personal performance. Health, fitness and snowboarding are my priorities in life and I believe in individual customization as a key to success in all those aspects.."

Travis Harrison

Former SBX Champion and now Golf Pro to pay for his snowboarding addiction!

“Teaming with Savage Panda is allowing me to be my own snowboarder.

Ride the terrain I want to ride and ride it the way I want to ride it.

I will never be stuck on a board that pigeon holes the style/discipline I should ride. My board will perform when and how I want it too.”

Kane Hoosen

Powder Hunter /Mountain Man / Snowboard Bandit

“I believe its key to have a board you can be stoked with, and not just a board to get you down the hill.”

Richard Wallace

Sports physio  and recreational shredder of snow and water boards

“It’s not often you get to be a part of a genuine snow sport revolution.”

Aly Lamb


“The connection you have with your snowboard is pretty special so to have one customised solely to suit yourself only enhances this special connection.”

Tim Dettmann

Sports physio  and snowboarder whose enthusiasm far outweighs his skills

“From a Physiotherapy and performance perspective, I’ve seen the benefits of customization in other industries: cycling, running, surfing etc. and I’m excited to be part of what it can bring to snowboarding!”


Snow Sports Marketer and Adventure Chaser

"I'm fired up about the rise of bespoke and customization in the snow sports world. Progression and passion for the snow should really be the only unchanging technology behind gear development."

Take the exciting first steps toward your unique board.