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Artists & Designers

We know that you, just like us, probably chose your very first snowboard because of its art work and how it looked, not because of its riding qualities or suitability for your needs.

We understand that snowboard art design is just as important to you as the structural design of your board.  It's the same for us.

Snowboard artistic design is an art form all its own.

We also understand that when you purchase a 100% bespoke, customised snowboard that you want it to look artistically and uniquely yours, just like the core design and construction elements will be individually tailored to YOU.

So you may have a design you want on your new Savage Panda snowboard ... and that, we can most certainly do.

Or, you may have an initial concept or an idea that you’d like some design guidance in fleshing out.

Or, given how busy your life is, you may have no idea at all.

All of that is ok –it gives you the FREEDOM to choose what best suits you, and all of it is totally do-able with Savage Panda, coz we’re all about the FREEDOM.

We have searched the globe for some of the most innovative and creative designers we could find, and we have hand-picked a team of designers that GET snowboarding, because they are snowboarders first and foremost, who also happen to be talented graphic designers and artists.

Under Kate’s guidance and care, you will get to work with one of these talented and creative artists to design the top deck for your board so that it reflects your DNA, just like your board.

Our talented artists and some of their design pastiche are showcased below.

We will discuss your artistic requirements during your comprehensive design consultation and help you choose one of our artists to design the perfect look for your fully customised Savage Panda snowboard.

Amanda Mulder - Designer, Shredder, World Traveller.

Maria Salvetti, 2 main loves - snowboards and design, Italy.

Lowri Vaughan Williams - Sports Design Nut, UK

Vyktor Zybin - Passionate snowboard artist, Russia

Take the exciting first steps toward your unique board.