The Fever Hits 

The first few snowflakes of the season begin to fall on the mountains. The fever hits. We watch the snow reports with anticipation and wonder every day. For dedicated followers, winter induces a serious fear of missing out. It’s about the mountain and our love for her. That familiar feeling of being so deeply in touch and connected to that gorgeous beast and how, in those moments, she loves us right back, embraces us and calms us.

Then, in a moment we didn't see coming, she spits us out. It’s always her choice and yet we keep coming back for more! It’s about the lifestyle we choose to have and love, or perhaps, aspire to have.

there's nothing like a powder day with a custom snowboard

Why doesn’t the mainstream snowboard industry get it?

When it comes to choosing our ride, we’re presented with an experience that is neither poetic nor in sync with our love for the mountains. We thumb through racks and quickly have our eyes glaze over from those "cool kids" behind the register who baffle us with technical mumbo jumbo they heard at the most recent "product training day".

The blind lead the blind and the process is passionless. Confined by rules, restricted by offering only what they have in stock. When we made our first few turns, the ones that had us hooked to snowboarding forever, there were no rules.

Getting the goods in British Columbia on a Custom Savage Panda Snowboard

We all know that feeling when we are in flow with the mountain and how exhilarating and calming it is. Yet, the industry seems to want to impose rules, create boundaries and restrictions for snowboarders.

Why is that?

Here’s the thing with production models. These “name brand” boards suit just one rider: the person who designed them. Production snowboard manufacturers pay big dollars to big-name athletes to design a board for their customers. People who admire the "big-name" run out and buy it because of its association with that athlete.

Then each season, snowboard manufacturers roll out "new" wiz-bang technological advances dreamt up to baffle and wow the unsuspecting snowboarder. In reality, they don’t seek to understand the individual snowboarder or how they ride.

We're calling out off the rack snowboards. It's time to evolve to Savage Panda Custom Snowboards

These technological advances have fancy names and trademark stamps but the reality is that they rarely offer any chance of improving the rider’s experience. That’s what it’s all about, right?

There’s a healthy list of sports that have embraced bespoke design from surfing, to cycling, golf and tennis to name a few. These industries have grown with the need to understand their communities and give them an experience that is tailored to their skill and aspirations.The snowboard industry has, until now, continued to serve up off-the-rack solutions which constrain, limit and restrict.

There isn’t a perfect board for you. At least, not yet.

Savage Panda Snowboards is the answer to a mundane formula of ‘one-size-fits all’. We’re a crew of builders, designers, coaches, competitors and dreamers from all over the globe. Above all, we are snowboarders.

Savage Panda Snowboards are unique like your DNA. No two are alike.

Ever heard the phrase, "no two snowflakes are alike"? The same is true for snowboarders. Riding style, height, weight, muscle balance, terrain preference, huck-enthusiast, drop-sender... you get the picture. So, if no two snowboarders are the same, then why should we all be riding the same off-the-rack snowboards?

Your board should be as unique as you are. No one else rides like you do, that's the beauty of snowboarding. It’s an individual expression of freedom. Why shouldn't you have a board that reflects who you are as a person and a rider?

To join us, you don’t need a uniform or secret handshake.

We’re celebrating the diversity of our riders and each board we produce. You are our muse. Let’s take back snowboarding. The Savage Panda way.

This is our rally cry: Off the rack is dead.

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