We all know mates who have forked out $1,500 bucks for the latest ‘named’ model from a major production snowboard company which is supposedly ‘designed’ by the latest hot rider on the pro circuit.

It seems like every season, there’s a new, shiny board being widely promoted by these savvy pro-boarders who, rightly, want to make the most of their profile while they are in the public eye. And I’ve seen the disappointment that follows. That despite their wild grins and positive vibes about their purchase, these guys are left totally underwhelmed by their new board.

Often time, they just can't ride it.

It’s a horrible experience and yet they will persevere with a board that bares their hero’s name so as not to lose face, they persevere with a board that doesn't add to their enjoyment and experience as a snowboarder.

How is that a good thing for them OR their experience on the mountain?

It seems that in our celebrity obsessed culture, many of the ‘off the rack’ snowboard brands have ramped up the notion of ‘celebrity’ endorsement and turned it into ‘celebrity designed’ but it seems to me they’ve missed an important point. A ‘celebrity’ designed board, is really only suited to one person – the ‘celebrity’ pro-snowboarder who designed it.

Beware of the shiny off the rack, pro model snowboard

Hey, I’m not criticizing the pro-snowboarder here. All credit to them for taking the opportunity to make some cash in the window of their pro career. They would be crazy not to. But crazy is just the word to describe the rider who thinks an athlete’s board is going to bring them anywhere near the level of enjoyment the cheesey-smiley, rail jumping ads promise.

So, beware of the glare! The glare of the shiny new object with your hero’s name on it.

I’m not saying don’t buy one, just suggesting that you don’t buy one as your ride.

Buy it to love, admire, hang on the wall and brag about it, but don’t buy it in the hope that it will enhance your riding experience or progress your snowboarding, it more than likely won’t. And if it does great, but it’s important to note that’s just good luck, not good design.