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No More Compromise

My other love, is surfing. I’ve been riding waves for over 35 years. I want certain things from my board. And what I want has changed and refined over the years as my competency and character have grown and matured. When I was in my teens, I wanted to slash and […]

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Why Do We Ride?

The sweet spot.It’s a place where character, competence and custom design thrive. Take away any of these three elements and you’re left with a soulless, passionless or goalless board. An average one that gives it’s rider an average experience. It’s the antithesis of why we ride in the first place. The Savage […]

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Why Go Custom?

The Fever Hits The first few snowflakes of the season begin to fall on the mountains. The fever hits. We watch the snow reports with anticipation and wonder every day. For dedicated followers, winter induces a serious fear of missing out. It’s about the mountain and our love for her. That familiar […]

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Snowboarding Is Freedom

In its truest form, snowboarding is freedom – there are no rules or expectations.The freedom to be creative, it’s sensually beautiful and can be shared with whom we choose.It is an expression of who we are and how we choose to live. It’s about fun and sharing good times with […]

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